Description of the Photos:

I photograph city scenes that I find evocative: urban street photos. I look for that momentary visual encounter that reveals how ordinary people doing ordinary things can be so attractive with their urban vibe and style. I have a humanistic view of the street and I want my photos of people to be empathetic rather than ironic.

I have shown my photos at Touchstone Gallery in Washington DC; at expositions at Salle Sarasin in Geneva, Switzerland; at the Swiss photo collective Regard Perdu; at the Edgar Quinet Art Market in Paris and at various juried shows and in Black & White magazine (#113).


All photos are reproduced and shipped anywhere, usually in sizes approximately 20x28 inches (50x70 cm) or 20x20 inches (50x50 cm). All photos can be produced in larger sizes and can be produced on a permanent backing/mounting. Please contact me for prices and shipping questions.


Rick Braswell

Contact Information:
Paris: (33) 6 32 29 37 64
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